President & CEO

David (Dino) Kesler

Director & Co-Founder

David Kesler is a Martial Arts Instructor, athletic coach and businessman. David has focused on self-reliance and survival in both remote woodlands and urban areas. Natural disasters have pushed David (Dino) to teach about sustainability, revitalization , and advanced survival skills. As a Martial Arts Instructor, Mr. Kesler has developed a neurological approach to executive function, meaning: pushing the boundaries of human needs vs human wants. This mindset and philosophy assists in training himself, and others, in self-reliance and survival.

Mr. Kesler has also studied martial arts for a number of years which include Muay Thai, Judo, Moo Duk Kwon, TaeKwon-Do, Chung Moo Kwon, and various other sword arts. Mr. Kesler spent time in the early nineties working for Outward Bound, as a rock climbing, rappelling, white water rafting and white water canoeing instructor.

He studied Criminal Justice with a focus on Sociology, and graduated from H.A.C.C. with a Police Sciences Degree. Mr. Kesler has worked for Harley Davidson as a lead instructor in the technician program, and has successfully run (3) independent businesses for the last 20+ years.