Description of Position Responsibilities


Reports directly to the Board of Directors

  • Oversee department heads to ensure fiscal, fundraising, operations, marketing, HR, technology and programmatic strategies are implemented
  • Focus on core function of organization so long term vision is met
  • Enforces organizations policy

Training Director

  • Conducts and supervises training and development programs
  • Promote learning opportunities
  • Improves personnel moral
  • Enhance productivity and quality of work


  • Directs organization budget
  • Oversees financial planning, procurement and investment of funds
  • Handles receipt disbursement, banking, protection and custody of funds, securities and financial instruments
  • Calculates foreseeable future financial decisions and positions
  • Raises capital to support expansion
  • Develop a standard procedure with head of Compliance & Appropriations to file financial records and review fiscal responsibilities to meet legal obligations

Human Resources

  • Assess personnel needs
  • Recruiting, screening and attaining personnel
  • Provide personnel with resources
  • Orienting new personnel to the organization
  • Provide accurate and realistic job and skill specifications for each position

Compliance & Appropriations

  • Responsible for receiving legal documents
  • Ensures organization meets legal obligations
  • Keeps record of personnel certifications and monitors for renewal dates
  • Develop a standard procedure with E.N.A.C.T. – Emergency Non-Profit Assisting Communities Together Treasurer to receive financial information to be filed and review fiscal responsibilities to meet legal obligations

State Director

  • Maintains open lines of communication with the Board of Directors
  • Develop policies and implement a strategic plan to guide the organization
  • Develop a fundraising plan to ensure that the organization has the resources needed to fulfill the strategic plan
  • Supervise programs; enforce policies and guide members to fulfill organization goals
  • Evaluate the organization periodically to ensure that the state remains true to its mission and is effective

Team Member

  • Completes all specified training requirements
  • Reports to Department Heads to carry out organization’s goals and strategies
  • Keeps an open line of communication; staying up-to-date on policies, procedures and information as well as being easily reached by supervisors
  • Organizes community events, fundraisers and projects
  • Leading contributor to organizations success by being an active, effective member of E.N.A.C.T. – Emergency Non-Profit Assisting Communities Together



H.R. Department – 20180313