PEMA’s Activation for Hazardous Winter Weather

“In support of PEMA’s Activation for Hazardous Winter Weather,

PA ACS will operate a net on Mar 7th.

The net will track: check in / reports from any amateur radio operator, consisting of Call Sign, real time winter weather conditions – sky conditions (snow, sleet, freezing rain etc.) SNOW Totals AND station zip code.

Statewide net: Mar 7 on 3993.5khz starting 0700 local. Net may move to 7250.5khz (depending on propagation.) Central PA stations may check in on Repeater 147.075, +, 123.0 Additionally there will be a partially attended station recording paNBEMS digital reports on 3583.5khz. MT63 500L 1500 center. Stations should send reports without prompting.”