Hurricane Florence – North Carolina

After the last 2 weeks of gathering donations, including medical supplies, food, lots of diapers clothes dryer and microwave, and lots of toys, and bags of baked goods, delivery was made.

We were called angels, the food had arrived just in time. They had no more.

Our initial contact had given us an address to head for but upon arrival, they needed nothing. They sent us to a store who was said to be gathering donations, the store turned out to be a bust. We ended making delivery to a church who works the community much in the same as our nonprofit, E.N.A.C.T. – Emergency Non-Profit Assisting Communities Together, does.

Biggest item asked for, which we purchased and brought back to the community, was Clorox and paper towels.

There were plenty of tears, and lots of awkwardness , mostly because this group of strangers just happened to come into their church with exactly what they needed when they needed.

Plenty of the farms have been devastated. there were dead animals everywhere. There is a lot of work to be done but water wont be fully receded until next week. They mentioned if we would like to put together a team to go help with tear down, we are welcome to arrive.

Thank you goes out to many of you who helped pull this off… and Maulitia Bikers MC for the donations as well.

Mission task accomplished.

David Kesler