E.N.A.C.T. Network



E.N.A.C.T. – Emergency Non-Profit Assisting Communities Together Member organizations represent a diverse group of highly-competent organizations that provide a wide range of skills in service to our fellow man, our communities and our nation. All organizations have service-oriented missions and include volunteer engagement as a key component of their operations. Our State/Territory E.N.A.C.T. members represent many local and regional E.N.A.C.T.s, and hundreds of additional local organizations. All are dedicated to whole community engagement and recognize that the E.N.A.C.T. movement values and practices represent a proven way to build resilient communities. Our dynamic combination of faith-based, community-based, and other nonprofit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of professional staff and volunteers with unique skills and a resourceful spirit.


E.N.A.C.T. – Emergency Non-Profit Assisting Communities Together promotes whole-community collaborative relationships and practices throughout the disaster cycle. Recognizing that all sectors of society must work together to foster more resilient, self-reliant communities nationwide, we facilitate partnerships with government agencies, for-profit corporations, foundations, educational and research institutions, and other governmental agencies.


Much of the work E.N.A.C.T. – Emergency Non-Profit Assisting Communities Together is done through our Committees and Task Forces. These Committees are comprised of representatives from Member organizations, Partners, and other subject-matter experts. The Committees and Task Forces drive much of the collaboration of E.N.A.C.T. – Emergency Non-Profit Assisting Communities Together, and have produced Points of Consensus and other guiding documents.